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Dennis Preston Jr. is an American record producer and audio engineer. He has composed in the motion graphics and recording industry for several years under the moniker, D. Scorch’d. In 2006, Dennis became a member of The Bakery Productions; a team that contributed to the #1 single, Pop, Lock, and Drop It, by rapper, Huey. He later signed a joint-venture deal as an in-house producer for the Grammy award winning music production team, The Trak Starz.

In 2009, Dennis began a solo career. His audio engineering work and musical compositions can be heard on a variety of media outlets including ESPN, Spike TV,, and FX Networks. In 2011, Dennis partnered with the Emmy nominated producers from the hit show, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, for the creation of the animated series, Unsupervised.

Since 2012, Dennis has released music using the name, DJsNeverEndingStory. Dennis’ debut album, The Harmony Epoch, was released February 10, 2015. It reached #1 on the iTunes and Google Play New Age charts within 48 hours of its release. The following week, the album debuted at #9 on Billboard’s Top New Age Albums chart. The Harmony Epoch contains ambient compositions with binaural beats and isochronic tones typically used in brainwave entrainment music. His recent work with spoken word artist and frequent collaborator, Prince Ea, has garnered the attention of millions with videos such as Why I Think This World Should End, Can We Auto-Correct Humanity? and the Environmental Media Awards 2015 Best Digital Short, Dear Future Generations: Sorry.

  • Music Producer
  • Audio Engineer
  • Altruist
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