The Harmony Epoch Reaches #1 On iTunes & Google Play

The Harmony Epoch tops iTunes and Google Play!


Download The Harmony Epoch by DJsNeverEndingStory on iTunes and Google Play

The Harmony Epoch features 1 hour of the perfect music for studying, meditation, a yoga session, workout, and to relax.

1. Eternal Positive Affirmations – This track features low frequency binaural beats to stimulate the brain’s production of alpha waves. It can enhance one’s creativity and enable new thoughts while being receptive to positive suggestion. A calming orchestra is layered with the tones. Headphones recommended.

2. The Thinker’s Muse – This track features low frequency binaural beats to stimulate the brain’s production of theta waves. The ambiance of the sounds are helpful for meditation. When the brain produces theta waves, one is receptive to learning and retaining information. Headphones recommended.

3. Singing Bowls of the Cove – The singing bowls within this track do well for meditation and yoga. A singular bowl is struck periodically throughout this track to signal a change in activity. The layered ambiance assist with the droning effect.

4. A Land of Release – Low frequency isochronic tones in this track provide a stress relieving property underneath ambiance and gentle chords played in a way to sooth your anxiety. The effects helps one imagine being in a distant place physically. There are light bells that sit on top of the other layers to drown out all external sound. Fully immerse yourself sonically in this track to achieve maximum potential. Headphones recommended.

5. There Is Healing – An ambient track featuring very low isochronic tones around 73 Hz. The low frequency tones along with filtered pads and light bells are purposely resonating for emotional healing and even physical rehabilitation if you allow your mind to promote it. Picture yourself outside in solitude rotating Baoding balls with a warm light breeze gently pressing against your body. You are relaxed and your life is in perfect order. Headphones recommended.

6. Unabridged Rest – Simple non-distracting atmospheric pads, drone, and sub bass to calm and relax you as you get ready for sleep or just a quick rest. Can also be used after a workout, meditation or yoga session.

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